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Luna Rose
22 December

I guess I should update my profile. It seems like everyone else is. Well, I'm still depressed, but now I'm also anxious. YaY. I still have anorexic behaviours, but don't have as many bulimic tendancies. I don't cut much at all anymore and my Science teacher still thinks he's my Saviour, but I appriciate it a lot more than I used to. I'm currently dating a wonderful guy who treats me the way I should have been treated all these other times. I will be moving to MD on Aug 9th to study theatre at Patapsco School of the Arts in Baltimore. Not alot more to tell, I'm still acting like a "wildcat", (on stage, and off).

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Is just starting to come into her own. Is learning the "ropes" of life the hard way. She always has to burn her hand before she'll take it off the stove. Is very loyal and loving, and doesn't take well to teasing or ridicule. Needs to be guided.
Strengths: Knows when to bow down and let someone else take the reins. Can also hold her own.
Weaknesses: Is very soft-hearted and easily hurt. Also takes things too seriously.
Special Skills: Can kick your ass, and not smudge her eyeliner. ::wink::
Weapons: Various dungeon toys can be used for defensive purposes, can they not, Sir?
Turn-ons: Older men, Dominant older men, and a man that knows how to show a little one the finer pleasures of life.

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